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Gold Note P-1000: total control over your music

Gold Note P-1000: total control over your music

FIRENZE, Italy: Gold Note – the Italian High-End manufacturer based in Firenze – is introducing P-1000, the first line preamplifier they ever made, available from September at a MSRP price of 5.850,00€/6.520,00$ (6.500,00€/7.250,00$ for the P-1000 with digital input and DAC available on demand).

P-1000 is an innovative ultra balanced Class-A preamplifier powered by a new proprietary Six Gain Stage design featuring Relays & Optical ALPS Encoder volume control.

Having a Triple Linear Transformer power supply, P-1000 offers 10 independent stereo inputs: 5 fully balanced XLR, 5 RCA and even an optional digital input available on demand.

The exclusive Gold Note Ultra-Balanced design developed with Six Single Gain stages enables incredible low distortion and extended linear bandwidth for true superior musicality.

The preamp features a complete series of settings to satisfy the most demanding systems: Mono/Stereo, Left/Right channel swap, Absolute Phase Swap (0° to 180°), Over-boost, fine Balance tuning.

The Overboost function is designed to drive speakers that require robust power supplies providing even greater energy in the lower range of frequencies and can be turned off or set on two different modes to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of systems.

The settings are stored in memory together with the volume level for every single audio input to allow a better experience and for quick adjustments.

Maurizio Aterini, founder of Gold Note, when asked about the introduction of the new preamplifier said: “We are finally ready to complete our line of electronics with the P-1000, something our customers have long waited for and we are proud to be among the few manufacturers of High End audio equipment that can offer a complete system – from digital sources to amplifiers and speakers – in order to deliver superior sound quality.”

P-1000 is available worldwide through Gold Note official dealer network.
More info on www.goldnote.it/p1000


P-1000 SPECS:

Frequency response: 2Hz-200kHz @ +/-3dB

THD – Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.001% @ 1kHz

Gain: +20dB – 10V

Signal to Noise ratio: -120dB

Channel Separation: >118dB

Volume: 0.5dB steps


Absolute Phase 0°-180°

Left/Right channel swap

Over-boost: adjustable 3 position (OFF, 1, 2)

Audio Outputs

XLR balanced

RCA unbalanced

Output Level: 16Vrms on XLR & 8Vrms on RCA max.

Output Impedance: <10Ω

Audio Inputs

Analogue Input: 5 stereo XLR balanced & 5 Stereo RCA unbalanced

Digital Input (optional): TOS or Coax 24/192kHzz

Input Level: 10Vrms on RCA

Input Impedance: 100kΩ

Weight: 15Kg

Dimensions: 430mm L x 130mm H x 365mm D

About Gold Note: Gold Note (www.goldnote.it) has become one of the leading Italian manufacturers in the Hi-End audio, now with more than 20 years of experience in engineering and designing a complete line of electronics, analog equipment and loudspeakers. Founded in Firenze, Italy, where every product is still hand-built from scratch with high quality materials, its creations are a statement of Italian craftsmanship and innovation appreciated in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Address: Via della Gora, 6 Montespertoli (Firenze) Italy 50025
Phone number: +39 0571 675005
E-mail: [email protected]

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