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Premiering on screen today Moon products star in Bel-Air

Fresh Prince
Fresh Prince

MOON is proud to announce that its high-end audio products have been selected to appear in the new television series, Bel-Air. Based upon the era-defining The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the new show keeps the premise of the original, but transports it to modern day America and re-tells it in a more dramatic fashion.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air first aired in September 1996 and ran for six seasons. In the new show, as before, Will is sent from Philadelphia to move in with his wealthy aunt, uncle and cousins in their Bel-Air mansion. Will Smith, the star of the first show, has returned to produce the new series.

Bel Air’s set designers were tasked to find premium audio products for Uncle Phil’s office and Carlton’s bedroom that reflected their love of music and their status. In the past, the MOON team has partnered with the famous HBO show, Sharp Objects, and this made its systems an easy choice for the Bel-Air production crew.

Uncle Phil’s office features a complete high-end system comprising of a MOON 680D streaming DAC, a 740P preamplifier, a 610LP phono preamplifier and two 860A v2 power amplifiers. His turntable is a VPI Prime 21, and he has a pair of Raidho TD2.2 loudspeakers. This is a truly premium setup for a music and hi-fi lover who can afford to buy exactly what he wants to achieve the perfect blend of style and performance.

In Carlton’s bedroom there is a MOON ACE all-in-one music player that allows him to stream his music in high-definition audio or to connect to his VPI Cliffwood turntable to play his vinyl.

Etienne Gautier, MOON’s export sales manager, said: ‘We were extremely flattered when the Bel-Air production team contacted us to say our products had been chosen by their set designer. Having seen how the products have been placed in Uncle Phil and Carlton’s rooms, we couldn’t be more delighted. On a personal note, The Fresh Prince is one of my favourite shows, so I am especially pleased to see our MOON systems in the new series.’



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