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AUVA isolators introduced by Stack Audio

AUVA 70 and 100 side by side

AUVA isolators are designed to do two things: hold loudspeakers rigidly whilst simultaneously absorbing vibration.

*From the Stack Audio news release

Stack Audio is pleased to announce the introduction of an all-new range of loudspeaker isolators. We are calling them AUVA, which stands for audio vibration absorber. The AUVAs are designed to do two things: hold loudspeakers rigidly whilst simultaneously absorbing vibration. In doing so they combine the advantages of both spikes and compliant isolators, without the drawbacks of either, acting like a natural extension to your speakers.

The AUVAs are different from compliant isolators as, instead of moving and compressing to absorb vibration, they use a patent pending particle impact dampening technology to dissipate vibration whilst holding the speaker rigidly. Enclosed within the AUVA’s precision machined aluminium cases are multiple finely tuned cells containing particles. Vibrations excite the particles, creating movement and collisions that dissipate the energy virtually instantaneously. Various materials including tungsten are used to ensure that the broadband absorption is as linear as possible. Maximising the contact between the AUVA cell walls and the particles ensures a high level of vibration can be dissipated, revealing more of the clarity in the musical recording. At the same time, the rigid shell holds the speaker perfectly securely for precise reproduction of musical and spatial details.

The AUVAs are designed and made in the UK by Stack Audio. There are two versions toc hoose from – AUVA 70 and AUVA 100. They attach via supplied threaded bolts into the existing mounting holes on the underside of your loudspeakers. The AUVAs are supplied with both carpet spikes and protective felt pads for use on solid floors.

The AUVA 70 contains 3 internal cells for effective vibration absorption, whilst the AUVA 100has twice the surface area and 5 cells. The AUVAs can be used with both stand mount and floor standing loudspeakers. The larger size and extra vibration absorbing capacity of theAUVA 100 is for those who seek the ultimate level of performance from their isolators.

Both sizes are available now to order from the Stack Audio website with a 30-day trial period.

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