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Simaudio has created a truly unique version of its MOON 810LP Phono Preamplifer to showcase its skills and creativity*. The 810LP is designed to bring vinyl recordings to life and this striking design certainly helps achieve that.

The 810LP features a CNC cut aluminium body and for this special edition the main case and sides have a custom high-gloss, ice-white finish with the face and legs treated in chrome. The iconic Aladdin Sane flash was applied using enamel paint, with 1mm steps for each layer of colour, to produce a bold, raised effect. To complete the stunning appearance, a personalised chrome plate was applied to the top.

When developing the MOON 810LP, Simaudio envisioned a design with absolutely no restrictions and this special custom model has certainly taken this desire to the next level. As with all MOON products, the ultimate goal is to transport the artist’s emotions from the recording studio to the listener.

The MOON 810LP is the ultimate phono preamplifier, it features a suspension which eliminates microphonics and provides an incredible level of input optimisation for any cartridge to ensure the best analogue sound replay. Due to its detailed analogue reproduction and unsurpassed flexibility, the 810LP has received awards and praise from both audio industry reviewers and owners across the globe. 

*NB This version of the MOON 810LP could never be a commercial product unless agreed with the archive controllers of the late, great star.

To find out more about creating your very own customised MOON performance audio product, please contact Renaissance Audio: [email protected]

To find out more about the stunning MOON 810LP: 


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