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Scotland’s leading hi-fi, home cinema and smart home retailer, Loud & Clear, has partnered with Racing Awareness Scotland to help support Dementia charities. To promote these charities, the RAS team races at its home Knockhill circuit and at special events throughout the United Kingdom.

Alex Milne, founder of Racing Awareness Scotland, started competing at Knockhill in 2012. Sadly, in 2015, his wife was diagnosed with Dementia. By that time, Alex had made many friends in the motor racing community and they became his saviours during the traumatic period of caring for his wife full time. He started to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland through the motorsport platform and raised £15,000 in just over a year. Tragically, in October 2018, his wife passed away. It was at this time when a group of Alex’ friends decided to take their support to the next level and created a race team to compete in the 24-hour Citroen C1 Challenge at Silverstone. In 2019, Alex formed Racing Awareness Scotland out of this initial team, and it has since been competing with three cars in Superlap Scotland and the Scottish C1 Cup (with the original Silverstone C1 vehicle). 

RAS has selected three charities to support: Race Against Dementia, Alzheimer Scotland and Support in Mind Scotland. The team works to raise awareness for these charities and campaigns to make life easier for the carers of those living with Dementia. The team members have first-hand experience of dealing with people who have mental health issues and have Dementia. They understand how fun, laughter and friendship work to bring light into challenging situations.

John Carroll, managing director of Loud & Clear, said, ‘Alex has been a regular Loud & Clear customer for many years. We are delighted to support his motor racing team and to help him raise funds and to promote the awareness of the challenges of Dementia.’ 

Alex Milne added, ‘We are thrilled to have the Loud & Clear logo on the bonnet of our cars. John and his team are passionate about everything they do, and their invaluable support is extremely welcome. I would be grateful to hear from any other companies who would also like to support Racing Awareness Scotland’ 

To find out more: www.facebook.com/RAScotland 

Email: [email protected] or Alex Milne at [email protected] 


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