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Hi-Fi Network is pleased to introduce the German cable brand in-akustik to the UK.

Hi-Fi Network is pleased to introduce the German cable brand in-akustik to the UK.

The in-akustik range offers both breadth and depth, with a comprehensive selection of cable types, from loudspeaker to ethernet, interconnects to HDMI, across four ranges:

REFERENZ – The measure of all things in picture and sound. It doesn‘t get better than this.

The in-akustik class for perfectionists. The benchmark for uncompromising sound and picture experience. The world leader in quality. Gets right under your skin.

EXZELLENZ – For connoisseurs of the perfect picture and sound experience.

The in-akustik class for superior taste. Selected materials, the best workmanship. A passion for high-end sound and picture pleasure.

PREMIUM – Picture and sound for advanced users

The in-akustik class for finest technology. Gets the best out of electronics. For love of sound and picture performance.

STAR – The best introduction to the world of picture and sound

The in-akustik class for aspiring beginners. Always suitable. More performance at low prices. A necessity for sound and picture luxury.

Many of the cables, and all of the Referenz range are Made in Germany.

About in-akustik

in-akustik is part of the Braun group. Whilst we have been committed to the utmost in pure sound and sharp pictures for over 30 years, other companies in the group have not been any less passionate: Brawa is known as the “Rolls Royce” of model railways and produces them with a love of detail. Braunkabel, manufacturer of data and sensor leads, creates connections out of passion. All of us stand for high-quality products and uncompromising dedication to detail.

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